Friday, March 8, 2013

Ina's redemption

I was in Austin for a couple of weeks with my daughter and granddaughters. Food? Yes! I got to eat at my favorite restaurant in the entire universe--Fonda San Miguel--and had Chiles Anchos Rellenos de Picadillo de Pollo (Ancho Chiles Stuffed with Chicken Picadillo). Lord, forgive me for loving food so much. Surely it must be sinful. I actually have the recipe for this dish, directly from the chef at Fonda San Miguel. But I'm afraid to make it. I'm afraid that I won't do it justice, that the perfect tortillas and the funky art and the margaritas at Fonda are what make the experience so wonderful and I won't be able to re-create it at home. I brought home matchbooks from the restaurant as if that could comfort me. Sigh.

However, while in Austin I did try Ina Garten's recipe for lemon roasted chicken with croutons. Doggone good. So I tried it again today at home, just to make sure it was really that good. Yep, it's really that good. I needed to purge my recent negative Ina Garten experience, needed to erase the look and taste of that dreadful meatloaf recipe of hers. The mere thought still makes me queasy. But now my house smells like roast chicken and burned onions. It's fabulous. I wonder if some random eligible male walking down the street might follow the aroma to my house and propose marriage on the spot. And look at how beautiful the chicken looks--perfectly roasted! Should I refuse such a proposal?

You can find Ina's recipe on the Food Network at Make it!


  1. Tonight I tried the chiles anchos rellenos de picadillo de pollo. It was the best meal I've ever had. Please share the recipe. Pretty please?

  2. Hi, Ricky. Unfortunately I don't have a digital version of the recipe that I can post. It's in a big cookbook ("Fonda San Miguel: Thirty Years of Food and Art" by Tom Gilliland and Miguel Ravago). I got the book as a gift and have seen it in Austin. I'm sure you can find it somewhere or maybe you'll be lucky searching for it the recipe online. If I can find some free time I'll type it out and post it on the blog. Not this week! Thanks for your interest--it's worth the effort--it's fabulous.