Sunday, March 24, 2013


I'm totally using other people's creativity here. Just for the record, these are some of my new favorite pieces of painted furniture. When possible, I'll cite the source. These are the things that make it impossible for me to stop painting. Last week I was at my daughter's house in Austin, painting furniture of course. I picked up a plastic cup to take a drink of water. It wasn't water--it was paint. Oh, well. . . no wonder I'm loony.

This was done with CeCe Caldwell Paint by Nancy Walker at Fresh in Jasper TX. The colors are Mississippi Mud and Georgia Clay. The drawers have a cheesecloth application, which I need to learn! Note that it appears this is a dresser but the lower drawer was left out. Great work, Nancy!

This cupboard was in some random catalog. Don't know much about it but I love it and it was the inspiration for a little cupboard that I did.

Don't know much about this one either but I love the blue stripes on the white painted stairs and I love the chest at the top of the stairs. I painted an old immigrant's chest like this, just from the little glimpse of the piece at the top of the stairs.

This is from Miss Mustard Seed who is well loved in the shabby chic paint world. I think she uses milk paint not chalk paint. Love the pale green over the reddish brown and the very shabby distressing.

Don't know where this one is from either, just an image I saved because I love the tone-on-tone color of the simple little chest.

This room, everything, just makes me want to paint something these luscious shades of green and greenish blue.

This is one of my favorite colors--Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Emperor's Silk. This piece is by Lisbeth Danner who has an Etsy shop called ReCreation Studio. Great job with the red and great fabric. Thanks for the inspiration, Lisbeth.

That's enough for now. I've been inhaling too many paint fumes.

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