Thursday, June 5, 2014

The humble abode

Finally . . . I'm keeping a long-term promise to post photos of the inside of my house. (Not including the lower level--respectable in its own right--and the exterior. Garden photos to come.) It's always changing, chalk paint furniture coming and going, things moving around. This is how it looks today.

Living Room (I know you'll love seeing my laundry drying outside)

Dining Room

Kitchen (Miss Eva eating in the corner)

First Floor Powder Room (note that Frida Kahlo cannot be on the same wall as the Guadalupe--they don't get along well)

Random Hall Photos

Guest Room

Guest Bath

Master Bedroom (my tranquil place, the park outside the windows. . . )

 Master Bathroom (with my bracelets)

My Office


  1. Beautiful photos! You have great taste and it seems that elegant home decorating is another talent of yours. It's amazing what with these rooms!

    1. Thank you--such kind words. It's a work in progress, always changing. Right now I'm getting ready to paint my kitchen. I've been cooped up at home for nearly a week with laryngitis and I got so tired of the view from my sofa that I completely rearranged my living room in the past couple of days.

  2. Ops! That last sentence should have been 'It's amazing what you did with these rooms!'.
    By the way, I am completely in love with the blue table and rug in your office. I'm sure you painted that table yourself ...
    I do hope you are feeling better. Have a nice Sunday!

  3. Thanks--I'm feeling better every day. Yes, that's my desk and yes, I painted it blue. The blue rug is now thrown over the sofa (perhaps for the winter) and I'm in the process of rearranging the bookshelves and painting the back of the bookshelves charcoal grey. Always a project . . .