Saturday, June 7, 2014

Garden tour

Yes, the virtual garden tour. All photos taken today. Tomorrow it will look different--things come, things go. I lost some things over the very harsh winter but thankfully most of the hydrangeas came through and the old cherry blossom tree is still hanging in there.

Front door, crepe myrtle trees, spirea

Back door, climbing hydrangeas, a peek at my Tibetan prayer flags :)

Back utility enclosure--the Japanese climbing hydrangea is going crazy there

Back yard under the cherry tree--there are chickadees nesting in the bird house

Volunteer ferns (came up when I pulled up the overgrown ivy) under the cherry tree

Front step--hosta in a pot

Front--under my kitchen window

 Back patio

Patio view from inside the living room

The sun

Oakleaf hydrangeas on the brick wall from the road

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