Thursday, June 5, 2014


My mantra . . . grace.

Your love never fails
It never gives up
It never runs out on me

He promised me that His grace is sufficient. I have everything I need, everything. I have salvation, the unfailing grace of God.

If I need to find a reason to be grateful, I need only go to one thing—the grace of God, God who never gives up on me. Anything else—everything else—will come and go and my heart may, probably will ache with the losses. But God’s love is unchanging, a constant presence, whether or not I feel it. So I must trust, accept the inevitable changes and keep my sight on the constant. In the midst of a chaotic life, look to Him, hang on to Him. Don’t be distracted by the turmoil in life—He promised me there would be trouble, didn’t He? Rest in His promise, rest in the peace that He is always with me.

It’s all grace.


  1. What is grace? Are you really able to understand it?

  2. That's a really deep question. My understanding of grace is that it is God's unlimited love for me. I did nothing to merit His love. He just pours out love and forgiveness, even sent His son to die for me. For all who believe, but He would have done it just for me. God's grace is central to my life. Do I completely understand it? Not yet, but I feel it. But I understand enough to know that because of it I'm free, and nothing I can do will take it away. I've written about grace a number of times before--just type "grace" into the search box and you'll see how my understanding of grace is evolving as my faith grows. Thanks for asking a tough question.

  3. Norton Internet Security won't let me use the search box. I'll just go trough the posts labeled "Faith" one more time, I guess...