Monday, November 5, 2012

Billy and the Hawaiian woman

I just logged on to the blog to check my stats. The photo of the meatloaf is still making me sick and I have to do something quick to knock it from the top position.

This is an old photo of my Uncle Billy and the Hawaiian woman. A couple of years ago my sister and I put together a family photo album on one of those photo-sharing sites. We had one page with photos of all the couples in the family. Uncle Billy never married but we happened to have this photo of him on vacation in Hawaii, so we found a way to include him in the couples page. The photo makes us laugh every time we see it. Love the look on his face, the mustache and glasses that look fake (they're not), the gaudy outfit, and the nameless Hawaiian woman.

He was such a sweetheart and would love knowing that he still makes me smile, even though he's been gone for years.

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