Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ted Kaczynski and me

That's Ted Kaczynski's typewriter. The Unabomber's cabin and some of its contents (I'm sure the FBI kept the crucial stuff) were taken from Montana to the Newseum in Washington, DC. I've seen it. He wasn't into high-tech gadgets and tidiness was not one of his virtues. I suppose he had few virtues.

But still, I'm feeling a bit of kinship with Ted Kaczynski. He, sitting at his typewriter, holed up in his cabin in the snow, writing incoherent political ramblings; I sitting at my . . . um . . . typewriter, in my humble townhouse in the snow, writing inane non-political ramblings. And some of the things I write get posted on this blog. My stat counter tells me I'm getting close to 4,000 views. Most of the viewers are from the United States, but just last week I had a lot of hits from the United Arab Emirates. Go figure.

But for all of those views on this blog I've had only a handful of comments. Is this blog idea just pure silliness? Should I just shut it down and leave cyberspace to someone more worthy?


  1. Nooo! The fact that you have 4000 views means we're enjoying what you have to say! Please don't shut it down!
    In order to comment, you have to have certain accounts,and the lack of comments may be either because people can't remember their stinkin' password or don't have a google, AIM or other accounts.