Sunday, December 20, 2009

White out

What is all this white stuff that fell from the sky? Unbelievable--it snowed and snowed yesterday. We got nearly two feet of snow in 24 hours and it's not even officially winter yet. It has its own special beauty. I went outside last night when it was still snowing lightly. I just stood on my front steps, feeling like I was the only soul in the universe. I took in the stillness, caught snowflakes on my tongue, and thanked God for all of His blessings, even those that I don't always recognize as blessings.

I can't use my arms to type this this blog entry. I've shoveled so much snow in the past two days that my arms don't work any more so I'm typing with my chin. That's an exaggeration--I'm not that agile with my chin. But I may need to learn how. It is the best of times, it is the worst of times. I've seen simple acts of kindness and generosity from near strangers that warm my heart. And I've also seen some huge acts of selfish idiocracy. (If idiocracy is not a real word, it should be.) I suppose it's just life.

I'm wondering how much pain reliever and wine it's going to take to alleviate the pain in my back and shoulders. Lord, have mercy!

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