Sunday, December 27, 2009

Cooking with Roberto

Perfect, perfect day. I took a cooking class from famed Italian chef Roberto Donna in his home kitchen in McLean. Thank you Roberto, Nancy, and Martin for making it so much fun and for giving us a chance to learn how to do what you do so well. We made our own pasta (fettucine) and cooked seven pasta sauces. And we ate all of the sauces. Here's what we made (and ate):

  1. Bolognese sauce
  2. Salsa Puttanesca
  3. Arrabiata sauce
  4. Cream sauce
  5. Salsa alla Matriciana
  6. Pesto Genovese
  7. Salsa Carbonara
There is nothing more perfect than pasta sauce on freshly made pasta, wine, hot bread from the oven. My heart is smiling, my hands smell gloriously of garlic, and I need a nap. And now I can do all of this at home on my own. I'm in big trouble.


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